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What pokemon would you... (Archived)
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RenzAllen7285/25 6:41PM
Poll: Which generation had your favorite competitive enviroment? (Poll)jaimito_vond85/25 6:38PM
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pokemon that you hate battling (Archived)
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llstrifell375/25 6:31PM
Who's a lot more experienced at battling and catching Pokemon? (Poll)
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Kadoatie275/25 6:29PM
What is your favourite Pokemon game? (Poll)Bat17895/25 6:21PM
Do you like Dragalge? (Archived)
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charman5135/25 6:19PM
YR: Every Pokemon is removed from the game except for Anorith (Archived)
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jakovu155/25 6:17PM
Trying my damned hardest to breed a Shiny Phantump (Archived)slothica105/25 6:14PM
Wooooahh... (Archived)
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samus885245/25 6:13PM
What if Dragalge had 100 as its HP base stat (Archived)
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3edgy5u175/25 6:07PM
LF: Shiny level 15 Genesect (Archived)milotic4445/25 5:58PM
The Battle Maison Hacks (Not hax) (Archived)zelionx45/25 5:58PM
Eelektross gen 6 moveset ideas? (Archived)DusterZeroG55/25 5:52PM
Is it possible to breed a Ditto? (Archived)DragalgeDNASamp55/25 5:52PM
Haven't played this game in 6 months (Archived)KingWhiteKnight15/25 5:51PM
Pacific Rim team help (Archived)DrakJay65/25 5:49PM
I'm WAS doing a play through of emerald (Archived)
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stillwasted115/25 5:41PM
That feel when you realize your perfect team is impossible. (Archived)
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MatthewJC23145/25 5:19PM
I know a way to make Dragalge good (Archived)MATDSOTM565/25 5:14PM