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So how did that dump end up going? (Archived)
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LRodC364/16 10:11PM
pokemon should attack trainers as well (Archived)fakefire44/16 10:09PM
Sheer Force Conk? (Archived)Plant4234/16 10:00PM
Which of the Event Legendary Pkmn has the most chance to get a alternate forme? (Poll)Tatan_9354/16 9:58PM
Question about Super Training? (Archived)xxgamer91xx54/16 9:43PM
Relaxed Sylveon (rate my build before I do it) (Archived)cgreenw64/16 9:41PM
pokemon dream radar (Archived)Lord_Chivalry64/16 9:36PM
What did you think of the intro of the games? (Archived)Vesper23834/16 9:31PM
miror B (Archived)thethirdthought64/16 9:28PM
C/D Doubles is more "balanced" than singles because fewer good players play it. (Archived)ClassyOldHat74/16 9:22PM
Ability Idea: Copyright. (Archived)
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Duncanwii124/16 9:18PM
Sylveon or Florges as a special wall (Archived)Runeofnite44/16 9:08PM
Think of a pokemon before entering... (Archived)
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80s_Memory134/16 9:05PM
I hate Focus Sash!! (Archived)
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SilveryZangoose204/16 9:03PM
MC x Calem/Serena should be canon when Z/X2/Y2 come out. (Archived)
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SprintXtel334/16 8:51PM
ITT: list the Pokemon you would use (Archived)Hydregionzek94/16 8:27PM
So, someone has figured out how to hack Gen VI saves... (Archived)
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Gimmedollar474/16 8:25PM
good nicknames (Archived)
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goyetche144/16 8:03PM
Stone Emporium Question (Archived)Phoenix140744/16 7:59PM
If nintendo wants to avoid offending people (Archived)LightningAce1144/16 7:57PM