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Would Spinda become viable if... (Archived)samus88566/7/2014
Now that Kalos pokes are getting Megas, who is next? (Archived)Pheonix_Dragon96/7/2014
We can go HATLESS in ORAS! (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Weird effect when changing outfit (Archived)Chaos Genesis46/7/2014
"Who should i get rid of? Nidoking or Kingdra?" (Poll)dioxxys96/7/2014
What are the chances of a Hoenn starter getting a second mega? (Archived)Pheonix_Dragon86/7/2014
So how can you utilize swift swim for mega swampert? (Archived)pcmike246/7/2014
Help me with Nicknames (Archived)GravelKing46/7/2014
Just picked this up! (Archived)trick2002ca36/7/2014
Can powersaves switch between HA and non-HA? (Archived)sonic230766/7/2014
Am I the only one who's still not sold? (Archived)VampEpyre106/7/2014
Why I think mega sceptile should be phisycal (Archived)Fighter1st106/7/2014
We predict the BST of the new mega starters.. (Archived)Rahjik106/7/2014
wow Ash is pretty hot (Archived)dioxxys36/7/2014
How does fighting special moves even make logical sense? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4 ]
So the Metagame is evolving again. (Archived)Dark_Zoroark66/7/2014
Sceptile skipped gym days (Archived)kokobeng1000036/7/2014
Enigma and Roseli berry Growth rates? (Archived)PokemonFan66536/7/2014
Primal/Ancient Groudon looks like Dire Miralis from Monster Hunter 3: Ultimate. (Archived)GatedSunOne16/7/2014
Do you think every starter will get a mega? (Archived)gsadr12326/7/2014
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