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Think of some Pokemon before not entering. (Archived)
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BandAegislash155/23 1:17PM
Which of these randomly Generated pokemon is the best?---2--- (Poll)
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lolsophia7145/23 12:51PM
Using legendary pokemon (Archived)
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MegaRyan215/23 12:49PM
Why is aegislash even used ? (Archived)M3rett075/23 12:43PM
GameFreak must be trollin'. (Archived)Mocha_Desire1235/23 12:18PM
What does Ditto smell like (Archived)charman585/23 12:18PM
Should I use this honedge or keep breeding? (Archived)Slayerblade1135/23 12:17PM
Question on imposter ditto (Archived)itachi0065/23 12:12PM
name one change you would want to see if pokemon was rated T for teen (Archived)
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Tatakai-No-Kami255/23 12:07PM
what if mega gengar gets shadow sneak and mach punch (Archived)
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neo1mark125/23 12:02PM
So who tried Durant + Dugtrio (Archived)
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lostnfound1215/23 11:49AM
I just thought of a new weather that gf can add (Archived)
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itachi00175/23 11:48AM
If you could change one thing about this Gen so far... (Archived)
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wheeling_gamer145/23 11:44AM
How can you get all 18 available Vivillon patterns easily? (Archived)GangstaLizard9525/23 11:38AM
Just made someone ragequit from sweeping half of their team with a... (Archived)LaLiLLuLeLo55/23 11:28AM
Salamence is a beast... (Archived)Fighter1st35/23 11:26AM
Quick breeding question (Archived)MangekyouX45/23 11:21AM
ITT: We post our trainer's oufits and maybe rate them (optional) (Archived)
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Rizaadon007125/23 11:21AM
Why have we yet to see behind the other power plant doors? D:! (Archived)
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MegaSableye135/23 11:21AM
Can you influence gender when breeding pokemon? (Archived)milotic4465/23 11:00AM