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Last egg move for Parasect (Poll)
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SkylaIsMyWife215/24 7:22PM
Sean Connery sings KISEKI (end credits song) (Archived)
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Svedeesh_Cheff115/24 7:19PM
What to evolve 6IV Timid HA Eevee into? (Archived)
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bleachedsnow235/24 7:10PM
I'm really starting to like these abilities that change normal type moves into (Archived)Chenmaster235/24 7:08PM
Viable Feebas ( IVs) (Archived)Kiurx45/24 7:02PM
Behold! The world's worst doubles player! (Me obviously) (Archived)DeathChaos2555/24 6:59PM
mega scizor and bullet punch (Archived)
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jive238115/24 6:56PM
Which Tauros would you use? (Archived)TehLizardKing65/24 6:34PM
Which is the cutest in the Eevee family? (Poll)
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Fourth_Bonkura345/24 6:29PM
YR: Normal Type Eeveelution. And it's the first/only one to get a Mega Evolution (Poll)warriorman22295/24 6:18PM
What if Garchomp got Speed Boost? (Archived)
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3edgy5u175/24 5:54PM
Has anyone ever used Imposter Ditto without (Archived)
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MegaSableye205/24 5:54PM
Tournament Question (Archived)Kinneth12335/24 5:50PM
I need the help of a Brazilian. (Archived)guedesbrawl35/24 5:23PM
Type only playthrough (pokemon choice - Fairy) (Poll)
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soriashadow125/24 5:17PM
Assurance, how does it work? (Archived)Fourth_Bonkura85/24 5:12PM
Blue harvest, I'm disappointed you don't bash delphox any more. (Archived)BlackBlueButts85/24 5:09PM
Noob question about horde EV training. (Archived)Vhaman75/24 4:57PM
Type only playtrhough (Poll)
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soriashadow115/24 4:55PM
Team I'm very disappointed. (Archived)
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AVGardevoir205/24 4:47PM