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Is it possible to save scum the Battle Maison? (Archived)ajko00033/19 3:27PM
Rock and Ground should be one typing, "Earth" (Archived)
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Benify203/19 3:25PM
I keep running into this same Baton Pass team on the Showdown OU ladder (Archived)
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Rad_Dudesman143/19 3:22PM
Pokemon Don't Study Statistics (Archived)BeansDragon33/19 3:21PM
Today is awesome!! (Archived)jEr3mY73/19 3:20PM
diabolical team suggestions (Archived)
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Hail_Berserk113/19 3:19PM
roselia horde question (Archived)cmh9283/19 3:18PM
RMT: Battle spot rated double battle trick room team. (Archived)Oshawottownage13/19 2:58PM
If Pokemon is a skill based game then plp wouldn't blame the game when they lose (Archived)
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jb08045423/19 2:58PM
Are there any new events yet? (Archived)dj424243/19 2:55PM
Anyone else want to use a pokemon attack on..... (Archived)The_Undest93/19 2:55PM
Umbreon (Archived)
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Lord_Chivalry443/19 2:52PM
Split Evo discussion day 2: Poliwhirl (Poll)
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henriue233/19 2:46PM
Help with VGC rules (Archived)MrGinger261253/19 2:41PM
So I just got a Remoraid.... (Archived)hodelino43/19 2:41PM
Some event involving females occurred (Archived)HHDeception73/19 2:40PM
Smogon is not a necessity to competitive battling. (Archived)
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ThePokeMan98833/19 2:34PM
When the IV judge mentions a bad stat... (Archived)Chaos4629033/19 2:34PM
Which Do You Like Better? (Poll)raymond2000476103/19 2:29PM
Looking for a viable Eelektross set without BW2 Tutor Moves. (Archived)hodelino63/19 2:25PM