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Charizard X is suddenly 10x as popular as Charizard Y (Archived)Xavuu35/26 2:19AM
Think of any pokemon before ya click (Archived)
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RenzAllen7155/26 2:11AM
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Celebi and pokemon bank help needed. (Archived)Colonel_Romeo35/26 12:34AM
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Are you a gts camper? (Poll)RenzAllen7105/26 12:12AM
My Mega Alakazam just got Protean from my Greninja :O (Archived)
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ElusiveTurnip145/25 11:49PM
What typing would Bisharp be if it was introduced in Gen 1? (Archived)
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SOAD5657215/25 11:46PM
lf shiny goomy with gooey, ft shiny feraligatr w/ egg moves (Archived)ray_ak2825/25 11:44PM
New pokemon you most want? (Poll)
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10000_needles155/25 11:36PM
What does Serena smell like? (Archived)
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charman5255/25 11:28PM
YR: all Rotom forms get a new move of... (Archived)Tatan_9395/25 11:16PM
I love Shuckle. (Archived)
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KajeI115/25 10:58PM
I've been so unlucky/lucky today (Archived)gsadr12365/25 10:49PM
Wow Gen V was really, really garbage wasn't it (Archived)
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fddsfsasf215/25 10:30PM
My Mega Charizard got outsped by a Cryogonal (Archived)Jayroach285/25 10:12PM
Tastiest Pokemon? (Archived)
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Machoker215/25 10:08PM
Can you make the rain go away? (Archived)
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gsadr123115/25 9:47PM
Ferrothorn that can 2HKO a Gliscor felt so good. (Archived)Chenmaster285/25 9:35PM