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Think of your favorite pokemon... ... (Archived)
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DragalgeDNASamp255/26 5:01AM
When should I use a thunderstone on Pikachu? (Archived)BAEx1055/26 4:54AM
Wow, Snorlax is still amazing after all these years! (Archived)PikaManiac75/26 4:52AM
Describe Scizor in one word (Archived)
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charman5495/26 4:33AM
Think of ANY Pokemon... (Archived)
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DragalgeDNASamp345/26 4:33AM
I still think there should be event where various pokemon get legendary's sig (Archived)gamepimp1235/26 3:42AM
Is there any way at all to get a Lvl 1-5 legendary? (Archived)
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RentonThursten125/26 3:36AM
Do you like the VGC format? (Poll)
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wolf rider145/26 3:31AM
Remember when we all though (Archived)LightningAce1145/26 3:17AM
Is there any unboosted physical attack that can OHKO 252 HP/def Avalugg? (Archived)
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PokemonYoutube175/26 3:06AM
Wanted: Flawless legendaries! (Archived)fedteemo35/26 2:49AM
Recommended rapid spinner/defogger? (Archived)
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ShadeMan9686165/26 2:34AM
Clawitzer is pretty disappointing (Archived)
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PokemonYoutube205/26 2:24AM
Charizard X is suddenly 10x as popular as Charizard Y (Archived)Xavuu35/26 2:19AM
Think of any pokemon before ya click (Archived)
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RenzAllen7155/26 2:11AM
Favorite Pokemon Myths (Archived)Teepo_of_Xillia105/26 1:48AM
Woodchuck pokemon? (Archived)wettaco1335/26 12:54AM
Celebi and pokemon bank help needed. (Archived)Colonel_Romeo35/26 12:34AM
What do you reccomend for my ev spread (Archived)itrainpokemon15/26 12:14AM
Are you a gts camper? (Poll)RenzAllen7105/26 12:12AM