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What's your favourite Eeveelution? (Poll)Magikarpus104/21 8:06AM
This is how I use my Garchomp (Showdown battle) (Archived)kumorixLoveless94/21 8:01AM
Is it really worth battling on the cartridge? (Archived)
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LightningAce11234/21 7:51AM
Best way to raise Victini's attack?? (Archived)jEr3mY74/21 7:50AM
YR: Gamefreak..... (Archived)
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kainadragoon154/21 7:30AM
I get the impression that Gamefreak REALLY wanted players to hate the "Nobility" (Archived)
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Blk_Mage_Ctype224/21 7:24AM
Cloning Advice (Archived)HeROiiCs24/21 7:15AM
Does this attack set have good coverage? (Archived)OrangeCrush98074/21 7:07AM
There really needs to be a special variant of Return/Frustration. (Archived)RJrockstar74/21 7:05AM
What would be a good ability for a Mega-Swampert? (Archived)
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Judgmenl124/21 7:04AM
Hoenn remakes (Archived)
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Dranzer_M334/21 7:02AM
I find it funny that people continue to use Mega Mewtwo X wrong. (Archived)
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Nathbuds123374/21 7:02AM
Is there a point to using Prankster Meowstic(M) over Klefki? (Archived)wolf rider74/21 6:49AM
YR: next gen pursuit to 60 base power (Archived)drlolimaster54/21 6:48AM
Why do they make shiny forms if we can't get them legit? (Archived)Megatonez54/21 6:41AM
Question about Counter and Mirror Coat (Archived)Xynaxus6424/21 6:38AM
Couple impostor ditto questions... (Archived)Kaetross54/21 6:33AM
You know what I would like? (Archived)
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Hydrelgonzek164/21 6:30AM
What do you think of when you hear the GTS' theme? (Archived)
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OfficerZangoose114/21 5:41AM
If you don't think Valerie is pretty.. (Archived)
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SkylaIsMyWife554/21 5:33AM