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You who's better than Zangoose and Dragalgae? (Archived)mrballerswaggin75/25 9:07AM
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Dragalge (Poll)
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Hydregionzek395/25 8:36AM
What in your opinion is the best set for rotom? (Archived)
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itrainpokemon115/25 8:35AM
Mixed Aegislash Nature, EV Spread and Moveset Suggestions (Archived)Nero_Advocate75/25 8:33AM
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Y/R: In Gen 7, Ice now resists... (Archived)DigiDude77105/25 8:10AM
If you were to take a spelling test for Pokemon names, how well would you do? (Poll)
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keyos27145/25 8:05AM
Ideas for a 6th pokemon? (Archived)
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Stat1k83135/25 7:57AM
So, the Skrelp/Dragalge episode was already dubbed and set to air, it seems... (Archived)
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Solar_Crimson215/25 7:56AM
Mega Aerodactyl uses?!?! (Archived)epyon199535/25 7:54AM
Which Early Bird Pokemon is your favorite? (Poll)SalsaSavant15/25 7:47AM
My awesome battle video. :3 (Archived)samus88555/25 7:42AM
How long you have been playing competitively vs. your thoughts on Smogon (Poll)
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hanako21535/25 7:39AM
Can you gen with powersaves? (Archived)
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DuuuDe14125/25 7:19AM
can somebody tell me why people dislike dragalge? (Archived)
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Tatakai-No-Kami345/25 7:10AM
Draining Kiss weird mechanics (Archived)7_Greninja65/25 7:06AM
Advanced customination for clothes in the next Pokemon game. (Archived)MagicZangoose35/25 7:01AM
Zangoose appreciation thread (Archived)
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Hydregionzek115/25 6:41AM