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ITT: we name a mega evolution that isn't good as the original (Archived)
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Mynameispaul96365/3 8:16PM
What happens if you run from/defeat Mewtwo or Zygarde? (Archived)
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Chaos Genesis175/3 8:14PM
Malamar EV spread? (Archived)gsadr12335/3 7:53PM
Most creative kind of evolution? (Archived)blademyth55/3 7:52PM
Woo got a shiny braixen! :D (Archived)
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Kiurx125/3 7:43PM
Questions about EV/SuperTraining (Archived)Vandrc25/3 7:42PM
Skrelp and Dragalge.... (Archived)InfamousTouya65/3 7:40PM
What do ya'll think of the Fairy type? (Archived)thedeerzord85/3 7:36PM
Kyurem-b nature (Archived)netj99945/3 7:23PM
Do u think pokemon y and x half butt? (Archived)
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Corlesslover30125/3 7:09PM
So what IS "fairy" type? (Archived)
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Isiah Zombie165/3 7:00PM
Phanpy v. Sandile (Archived)MysteryMan153125/3 6:55PM
Hidden ability skiddo please (Archived)yudaitakashi55/3 6:52PM
Is of ever practical to teach HM moves to a competitive team? (Archived)DepreceV295/3 6:47PM
A good After You user (Archived)CptFluttershy65/3 6:46PM
Is there a ratio and or percentage for ability chances? (Archived)gsadr12365/3 6:42PM
Why does Diantha not do anything in the story? (Archived)
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Butter_Scotch165/3 6:41PM
Mega crawdaunt (Archived)LightningAce11105/3 6:37PM
Will moves like dig or fly activate speed boost imbetween the turns to use them? (Archived)ToborTheRobot85/3 6:32PM
I still think Altaria should be a Fairy type (Archived)GravelKing35/3 6:26PM