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Can you get a pokemon you've not seen in wonder trade? (Archived)sn0wfish75/21 7:09AM
noob question (Archived)RenzAllen755/21 7:07AM
What are some good trick Pokemon to use against my friends? (Archived)
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Magikoopa21145/21 6:38AM
Will OR/AS be compatible with XY? (Archived)_LayzieBone_75/21 6:28AM
Have you ever forfeited simply out of pride/honor? (Archived)
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supremeblaster235/21 6:23AM
What nature for MMX (that I catch in X) (Archived)The Fir Coat35/21 6:03AM
Shiny Froakie grinding... (Archived)
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Sketch722002245/21 5:56AM
Ditto OP plz ban (Archived)wolf rider25/21 5:39AM
Which one do you like more: Round 38 - Tornadus or Thundurus? (Poll)
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Paulo123115/21 5:32AM
Remember when Charizard X and Y news was released, and everyone loved X over Y? (Archived)
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Stover46275/21 5:17AM
Sand Room (Archived)TheWhiskaz75/21 5:07AM
What pokemon do you wish were good? (Archived)
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Malimario98905/21 4:44AM
Old Pokemon vs Kalos Born Pokemon (Archived)
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Hoozah123205/21 4:26AM
Lysandre (Archived)Corlesslover3045/21 4:24AM
Nees team help (Archived)xxxrauberxxx25/21 4:20AM
Okay, shiny Charmander, round two. (Archived)SuprSaiyanRockr95/21 3:56AM
To the people saying the wifi servers shutting down will not affect gennig (Archived)
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spacecowboymike115/21 3:40AM
Psyshock or Thunderbolt on Starmie? (Archived)Starmence25/21 3:35AM
Pokemon just screwed me over big time (Archived)
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trigga06145/21 3:15AM
Which that hasn't happened yet do you want to happen? (Poll)
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warriorman222135/21 3:12AM