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Trollfki must be banned (Archived)
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thiaguinhohp113/15 3:22PM
You mean HE was the leader of team flare!!? (Archived)ThatKipp103/15 3:16PM
Bold or Calm togekiss? (Archived)vinhamon73/15 3:05PM
Burned out artist in Kiloude City? (Archived)Uratoh23/15 3:04PM
I need a special defender any ideas (Archived)
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Fsufan12193/15 3:04PM
Does anyone have the link to that topic where... (Archived)navi85443/15 2:51PM
Do you hate route 19? (Poll)
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playingrobot163/15 2:45PM
Which of these does the most damage to the credibility of competitive pokemon? (Poll)
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Magikarpus533/15 2:37PM
The "Non-Kalos" Breeding Theory... (Archived)ColoredStars9273/15 2:33PM
Starmie is NOT garbage! (Archived)
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hodelino473/15 2:28PM
Does PowerSaves work with Digital copies? (Archived)Texas208973/15 2:27PM
why is charizard so popular ? (Archived)
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neo1mark553/15 2:25PM
Which Pokemon did you use to dislike? (Archived)ColtCababa43/15 2:11PM
Help evolve my Maison Team into a Battle Spot team? (Archived)
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GatedSunOne113/15 2:10PM
Defensive core of sableye/heatran/gyarados (Archived)kadabrium13/15 2:09PM
Best egg moves for Gengar/Dusclops? (Archived)JudgeMaster43/15 2:04PM
Old Favorites or Newcomers (Pokemon selection story mode.) (Poll)blademyth43/15 2:03PM
So I've been thinking... (Archived)
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pokemon2poker123/15 1:55PM
Mega Mawile Trick Room doubles EV advice pls (Archived)N0tQuiteN0rmal63/15 1:55PM
Is there any reason to use Mesprit over Uxie and Azelf? (Archived)jb0804533/15 1:54PM