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Pure Johto OU Team (Archived)
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ftatman195/24 7:11AM
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Question about Kyurem. (Archived)
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porygon_z_129165/24 6:54AM
Wow the entire Blastoise line looks horrible in this game (Archived)
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megATOMOS155/24 6:38AM
I forgot that Wigglytuff was retyped to fairy (Archived)Slayerblade1165/24 6:24AM
PSS question (Archived)R-A-V35/24 6:21AM
Which one do you like more: Round 43 - Bronzor or Shuppet? (Poll)Paulo123105/24 6:19AM
New idea for online play (Archived)Heisenburro75/24 6:16AM
Is priority necessary on a team? (Archived)
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TalesOfXAndY135/24 6:05AM
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Teambuilding Help Needed (Archived)Xerxes13275/24 5:35AM
Is there anyway to make a decent mega charizard? (Archived)OptOut198665/24 5:10AM
Why does hong kong, taiwan and south korea have priority on the passerby list? (Archived)R-A-V45/24 5:09AM
Whats co-op like in a pokemon game ? (Archived)crazybot85/24 5:06AM
What can counter Unburden Bellydrum Slurpuff (Archived)
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wolf rider225/24 5:01AM
I was really excited when I caught a Pikachu until... (Archived)Grammer_King65/24 4:59AM
What a weird/cool Ninetales set (Archived)3DSRec35/24 4:56AM
Why does GameFreak hate 6v6? (Archived)
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Mocha_Desire12155/24 4:54AM
How to make a OU competitive team in a few steps (Archived)ZeldaTPLink45/24 4:54AM
I need a way to make replaying a game more interesting (Archived)Froakiebloke45/24 4:41AM