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Zangoose Vs. Dragalge (Poll)
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Is Phione worth anything? (Archived)
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What your Favorite 6 pokemon (Archived)
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If Thief KOs the pokemon, does it still steal an item? (Archived)
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Culturally_Lao185/23 7:33PM
We still can't claim the berry for entering the May International? (Archived)_KGC_55/23 7:25PM
If I breed 2 eevees, one w/ Wish, will the child have Wish? (Archived)ssupermario9245/23 7:13PM
Agh, so close with the Masuda method.... (Archived)ikiok85/23 7:10PM
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I always wonder what your players do when you exit the game (Archived)charman595/23 6:41PM