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Ash is the best trainer around! (Archived)
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KReborn165/24 11:48AM
Machamp help. (Archived)RadiantVaporeon35/24 11:40AM
Epic Latios is epic. (Archived)
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ZeldaTPLink125/24 11:31AM
If Luigi was a Pokemon Trainer (Archived)
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ashcrv135/24 11:12AM
Bisharp speed ev a good idea? (Archived)itachi0065/24 11:10AM
It's official. I f****** HATE horde battles (Archived)
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Xtreme Gamer285/24 11:03AM
Does Synchronize affect stationary Legendaries? (Archived)Tacanacy75/24 11:02AM
so now the anime has resorted to plagiarism (Archived)
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Tatakai-No-Kami145/24 11:02AM
"Think Fast!" Online Competition (Archived)
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Renjiro7135/24 10:53AM
Pokemon you don't hate but would probably never use (in game) (Archived)Lightflame35/24 10:48AM
Need help with roobushin ev and moveset (Archived)itachi00105/24 10:48AM
Just keep saying Ho-Oh slowly again and again (Archived)mexicannon15/24 10:47AM
What was the point of Super Training? (Archived)
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SpecsDoubIade145/24 10:47AM
do all berries reduce happiness / friendship level or just the bitter ones? (Archived)kasplat36015/24 10:44AM
So what to do against Volcarona if you don't have Stealth Rocks? (Archived)
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Heisenburro345/24 10:32AM
What are the best EV distribution for Haze Quagsire? (Archived)safeguarde15/24 10:29AM
What do you NOT want to encounter in a horde? (Poll)
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choicespec165/24 10:25AM
Talk about Shedinja. (Archived)BandAegislash65/24 10:14AM
OK, so I screwed up my Charizard X... (Archived)
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OptOut1986485/24 9:42AM
Good moveset for a Claydol/Gardevoir/Lugia? (Archived)
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ZeldaFan113135/24 9:33AM