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How is Infiltrator on Chandelure? (Archived)hodelino53/18 4:01AM
So. . . Latiosite the only unreleased Mega Stone? (Archived)
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DARKlegend64113/18 3:47AM
Manectric destroys 4 OU and 1 BL Pokemon in the same match! (Archived)Xavuu33/18 3:44AM
Probably a more than random question but... (Archived)xSomnus33/18 3:41AM
Just received my bank Celebi. Got Adamant. FML. (Archived)
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BahamutDarkFire243/18 3:30AM
White Herb + Moody + Recycle (Archived)jEr3mY63/18 3:30AM
Some secret to heart scales or am I just unlucky? (Archived)
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Crayonmuffin173/18 3:20AM
So I was just told that when breeding, nature is random when excluding Everstone (Archived)
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ajko000113/18 2:51AM
Got a Modest Celebi! But... (Archived)
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danielfromhood133/18 2:49AM
Game Freak seems to have forgotten that this game is about sharing (Archived)xyzman33/18 2:28AM
5 Choice items + 1 sash, can it work? (Archived)
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kupo4life133/18 1:21AM
pokemon trainers talk to me were there any updates on the new legendaries? (Archived)mj_webb23/18 12:56AM
Will Pokemon X and Y go on sale? (Archived)mariofan43ds93/18 12:52AM
How to counter priority move users (Archived)Pikachu22243/18 12:50AM
does Electevire/Electabuzz have good special attack? someone gave me a modest? (Archived)mj_webb43/18 12:40AM
The YRI game (Archived)
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henriue113/18 12:40AM
Strange stat points on two Riolus (Archived)Kaeaja63/18 12:37AM
What are these memories people are asking for? (Archived)chaosmagez103/18 12:15AM
Low lv ditto (Archived)quicksilver50043/18 12:12AM