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Pokemon Showdown on mobile (Archived)Bellethor55/23/2014
Megazard X or Megasaur? (Archived)
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After Mega Evolutions , we need fusion evolutions..... (Archived)
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Tyranitar's and Volcarona's competitive best friend!!?!? (Archived)epyon199545/23/2014
Just had fun with my offensive Arcanine (Archived)
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In need of a Riolu friend safari! (Archived)FreeTime310025/23/2014
Spiky Eared pichu (Archived)
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OU Team Help (Archived)
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In 3v3 and 4v4, is it a bad idea to have two megastones on one team? (Archived)SuprSaiyanRockr105/23/2014
so what can hydreigoon even do?! (Archived)epyon1995105/23/2014
the perfect IV pokemon (Archived)Bryan_Skull55/23/2014
So choice band dragonite outrage does the most unresisted in OU now? (Archived)BlackBlueButts85/23/2014
so no more possible suspects after baton pass? (for the smogon ou metagame.) (Archived)
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Man extremespeed Arceus with silk scarf destroys (Archived)mexicannon45/23/2014
describe charizard in one word (Archived)
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Can powersaves be used to change the SID of a pokemon? (Archived)milotic4445/23/2014
Powersaves+PokeGen+PokeBank=Breeding God? (Archived)
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Inkaychu is pretty horrifying (Archived)NME_Enterprises95/23/2014
Have the producers for the anime ever explained why they won't allow Ash to age? (Archived)TinyTankX105/23/2014
What are some advanced Bisharp strategies? (Archived)
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wolf rider115/23/2014