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Ok, Im gonna make this team thread ONE MORE TIME..... (Archived)
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BronyBeat223/15 5:56PM
How do you go about fine tuning non-252/252 spreads? (Archived)xrayscope63/15 5:55PM
Last "evolution" or last "evolutionary" Pokemon? (Archived)NoisyPepper73/15 5:54PM
Let's nerf Arceus (Archived)
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FoundAUsername243/15 5:52PM
What is the worst ability in the game? (Poll)
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davidledsma233/15 5:48PM
suggest 2 mons for this team (Archived)gamepimp1243/15 5:45PM
AZ Floette, Lati@site, and Diancie with Power Saves PRO? (Archived)Pokedref53/15 5:41PM
Are Serebii's Pokemon base stats accurate for this gen? (Archived)Nodetails53/15 5:40PM
Anyone using Mega Aerodactyl? (Archived)Carlos99433/15 5:36PM
These 2 wont go through poketransfer, any help? (Archived)imthestuntman63/15 5:30PM
Should all Pokemon games have a Dodrio Mode feature built in? (Poll)
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grape_purple143/15 5:22PM
Pokemon Evolution Poll- Day 3- Torkoal Evolution! (Poll)
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6bananza133/15 5:20PM
Good moveset for Jolly Greninja with Protean? (Archived)ShadowMario353/15 5:19PM
What's with people asking to trade and then just showing off legendarys? (Archived)
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Splinter_Within283/15 5:19PM
Speaking Of Charizard Cards... (Archived)JohnHalo34383/15 5:17PM
How do you get Berry Juice in this gen? (Archived)
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Marik_Reborn113/15 4:56PM
Salamence deserves more credit! (Archived)Dathedr-vodhr53/15 4:56PM
Someone please help me...I'm addicted to random battle! (Archived)LaManoNeraII73/15 4:55PM
I absolutely hate this game! (Archived)Thaxagoodname93/15 4:49PM
Squall Vivillon (Archived)HipsterSora93/15 4:49PM