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Which one do you like more: Round 35 - Jolteon or Flareon? (Poll)
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Paulo123135/19 2:12PM
Xerneas ... Timid or Modest (Poll)
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Generation IV Remakes, or... (Archived)Arn54465/19 1:56PM
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Mono-Electric comp team in making...please help (Archived)jjsykes03115/19 1:42PM
Why does Surf hit ally pokemon yet Muddy Water doesn't? (Archived)
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zelionx135/19 1:42PM
Rate my pokemon x team (Archived)Jaybird51015/19 1:24PM
The Mega Starmie Church (Archived)hodelino65/19 1:19PM
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How soon can you access Bank in a new game? (Archived)Thunder_man645/19 1:11PM
Needing help! (Archived)xxxrauberxxx15/19 1:08PM
PLEASE tell me Hasty is a good nature for Yveltal (Archived)
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FuneralCake205/19 1:04PM
There should be a tier between OU and Uber (Archived)
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andrewx72185/19 12:59PM
Name one tradition you want in Gen7, and one you dont (Archived)
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schweedubz165/19 12:50PM
Wow (Showdown topic) (Archived)Hydregionzek25/19 12:49PM
Dialga, Palkia and Giratina need better hidden abilities. (Archived)
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PokemonYoutube115/19 12:48PM
wonder trade project (Archived)Awkwardlocker75/19 12:37PM