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You see Jimmy, Marina, and Vincent walk towards you...(Anime Special) (Poll)Shadowlinkrulez65/17 12:23PM
Shuckle and Power Split/Guard Split (Archived)Unown_20165/17 12:10PM
Tell me any Pokemon's name and I'll Spanishify it (Archived)
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mrballerswaggin245/17 12:02PM
I have two questions about Fairy attacks and one question about Eevee. (Archived)SSBBSB65/17 11:59AM
How did people get 5-6 IV pokemon before gen 6? (Archived)Chaos4629045/17 11:58AM
Eevee Team Competition Help!!!! (Archived)SuperUmbreon15/17 11:53AM
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you see shauna walking towards you... (Poll)
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Tatakai-No-Kami305/17 11:35AM
You see Trevor walking towards you... (Poll)Leonardo_Borgia95/17 11:33AM
You see Tierno walking towards you... (Poll)
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TalesOfXAndY535/17 11:28AM
Serena/Calem walks towards you (Poll)
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Shadowlinkrulez215/17 11:14AM
Is the pokemon black 2 rng abuse really random? (Archived)Kazuma_Yagami105/17 11:12AM
A little help building my first ever competitive team :) (Archived)stillwasted35/17 11:05AM
Am I missing something or did a Chandelure just outspeed my Greninja? (Archived)
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Mocha_Desire12495/17 10:49AM
Who is your favorite shiny pokemon (Archived)clayton112375/17 10:46AM
"I will be King of the pirates" (Archived)animefan1000105/17 10:25AM
Pikachu needs a mega-evo (Archived)
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Muffinz0rz155/17 9:32AM
My teacher laughs at me because Pokemon :( (Archived)
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mrballerswaggin185/17 9:10AM
Is Pokemon biased against single player? (Archived)ShadowH200635/17 9:04AM
Has anyone here ever used Cacturne? (Archived)
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the_cajun88265/17 9:02AM