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Did nintendo end ds wifi today or will it be tomorrow? (Archived)
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milotic44235/20 9:00AM
Help me finish this team: Swampert, Gigalith, Gogoat... (Archived)SegavsCapcom75/20 8:48AM
Conspiracy Theory: Greninja's popularity (Archived)
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Sandslashed345/20 8:40AM
Why is Braviary a male-only species? (Archived)M16A455/20 8:37AM
My goal i a 6 turn battle ending in a draw. A double down each turn (Archived)drlolimaster45/20 8:30AM
Which typing do you want most? (Poll)
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MegaSableye195/20 8:20AM
Howdo people feel when they lose because of 30% chances? (Archived)
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drlolimaster135/20 8:15AM
This is the first time I've been so butthurt on Showdown (Archived)
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spooky96565/20 8:10AM
I f***ing suck at his f***ing game (Archived)
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Starmence245/20 8:00AM
Any reason to trade from Gen1 to Gen 6? (Archived)schweedubz55/20 8:00AM
Well, holy ****. (Archived)Tisroero75/20 7:59AM
The Official Dragalge Appretiation Topic! (Archived)charman515/20 7:58AM
GAME Event (Archived)chris_cowell25/20 7:57AM
Wow, you people on Battle Spot are ridiculous. (Archived)
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Th3Birdman845/20 7:48AM
Porygon2 Moveset question. (Archived)chardymardy_mgx65/20 7:35AM
R. I. P. Nintendo wi-fi connection (Archived)Tsukasa189185/20 7:25AM
When is the nature for Articuno detrmined? (Archived)celticpride675/20 7:16AM
Pokegen without GTS!!! (Archived)milotic4435/20 7:16AM
Most commonly WTd pokemons that are not one of the following: (Archived)Dorami75/20 7:10AM
Question about who should be holding Life Orb on my team. (Archived)chardymardy_mgx55/20 7:09AM