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DPP had some pretty decent music (Archived)
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Lord_Chivalry253/31 11:43AM
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How do I play the Google maps Pokemon game? (Archived)Swamp-marsh-mud73/31 11:12AM
Gogoat Simulator (Poll)
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Genericgamer667133/31 11:01AM
Discharge + doubles (round 2). (Archived)antiheroforhire83/31 11:01AM
Help Finishing My Team? (Archived)
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TenkaLion163/31 11:00AM
New Gliscor set! (Archived)
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StormBlades193/31 10:57AM
Does Nintendo have anything to do with Google's April Fools? (Archived)Virtual_Console23/31 10:56AM
Create my team (Showdown OU) (Archived)
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Dark_Abaddon673/31 10:56AM
Wow, my Bellossom survived a helping hand water spout in the rain... (Archived)
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legendrider213/31 10:42AM
Suspect test: Critical hits (Archived)Muffinz0rz43/31 10:38AM
Got any Masuda Methoding tips? (Archived)matthewtheman63/31 10:19AM
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Druddigon Breeding Question (Archived)ash231953/31 10:14AM
shiny charm: is it really true? (Archived)mariopokefan1773/31 10:10AM
I have a new love for Skarmory (Archived)jEr3mY83/31 10:09AM
Build my pokemon showdown team (Archived)
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Professor_Jstn163/31 10:09AM
Which is a better chance at a shiny in this case? (Archived)Potatoman863/31 9:53AM
Who's the best Paralysis spreader? (Archived)navi85443/31 9:34AM