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Can anyone recommend a good special wall? (Archived)
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gbutters19275/18 12:35PM
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I don't like Zangoose, Seviper is where it's at. (Archived)
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SpecsDoubIade135/18 12:03PM
Which one do you like more: Round 32 - Purrloin or Meowth? (Poll)
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Paulo123125/18 12:01PM
Your most embarrassing wifi double battle experiences (Archived)Houndourtwo15/18 11:58AM
Decision (Archived)
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Fsufan12205/18 11:56AM
Why is Zangoose such a pleb? (Archived)john150bacardi75/18 11:44AM
Think of a pokemon before entering... (Archived)
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Darkhero555135/18 11:42AM
C/D All Gen 5 Pokes need to be erased (Archived)
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Sebas27565/18 11:40AM
Favorite Fire type move? (Archived)BandAegislash65/18 11:40AM
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Favorite Pokemon on this poll (Poll)
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SkylaIsMyWife255/18 10:41AM
Best/Worst Pokemon Dragon Tiebreaker (Poll)Ice_Dragon1435/18 10:35AM