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Brave Bird resists nothing? (Archived)itachi0045/21/2014
Why isn't fire supereffective on fairy? (Archived)
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Enigma Berry comes in tomorrow probably right? (Archived)
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Community's Choice X Run! (Archived)RAcastBlaster25/21/2014
Which adamant ursaring is better? (Poll)R-A-V55/21/2014
Grass is the worst type (Archived)
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People are scared to death of me. (Archived)
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Charizard X- Can't Stop,Won't Stop (Showdown Replay) (Archived)MrDerpFTW45/21/2014
Fairy+psychic (Archived)Mtvn95/21/2014
Pokemon Team help (Archived)SFUG_Avex25/21/2014
so i hear perish song gengar is a thing (Archived)Dwhite_195/21/2014
Why is Bug NvE on Fairy? (Archived)supremeblaster45/21/2014
Non-GTS Pokegen Methods (Archived)metroidfan98745/21/2014
Help team building (Archived)gamefreaker34215/21/2014
Lopunny > Scolipede > ??? (Archived)SomeLikeItHoth85/21/2014
Good hazard setters for this team so far? (Archived)
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The next remakes should be Pokemon Red vs Gold & Pokemon Blue vs Silver. (Archived)
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Apparently, Pokemon is Googled more in California than any other US state (Archived)SalsaSavant65/21/2014
I hope in gen 7 and omega ruby they do better wiht the dex and guide !! (Archived)Charmander7515/21/2014
I hear "Surskit's evo" mentioned quite a lot (Archived)jakovu45/21/2014