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Are there any way to get Cyndaquil? (Archived)
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bradvd135/19 4:08AM
Why is a No Exp. Share challenge run in X/Y considered easy? (Archived)
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AuraWielder275/19 3:45AM
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sky_boss_legend185/19 3:43AM
Random ability ideas... Which of these do you like? (Archived)paipr85/19 3:19AM
Can you pass on apricorn balls via breeding? (Archived)
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sonic2307115/19 3:09AM
Rate My F***ing Team (Archived)
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hodelino185/19 3:09AM
Who is your favourite stealth rocker? (Archived)
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Kadoatie255/19 3:05AM
Is doubles hard? (Archived)
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porygon_z_129115/19 2:57AM
Getting legendary/event/rarer pokemon from other gens in this game? (Archived)Zeron RB105/19 2:54AM
What is your All time favorite pokemon game and your least favorite? (Archived)
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Homie_202265/19 2:52AM
What they should introduce to make the games a little bit more difficult (Archived)gules22245/19 2:43AM
Where do you get Protean Froakies (Archived)Jayroach275/19 2:41AM