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EVs - Can they always change, even at 100? (Archived)ACA24/3 5:56AM
How would I build a Mega Mom for Super Single Battles? (Archived)
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ajko000244/3 5:54AM
Lightning Rod Pikachu (Archived)ObsidianFoxFire54/3 5:51AM
What are some cool locations to hatch eggs (srs) (Archived)
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StrongUnaware184/3 5:40AM
Pokemons that should get an mega. Pokemon 1: Swampert (Archived)
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Swamp-marsh-mud634/3 5:36AM
Which Gen had the hottest Pokegirls? (Poll)
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KyrieIrving334/3 5:34AM
Who do you worship? V 2.4 (Poll)
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Mikokiri124/3 5:34AM
What you'll expect a beach episode out of Pokemon XY (Archived)
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GangstaLizard95134/3 5:26AM
Why can't you release eggs (Archived)
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A_Man3383358553124/3 4:24AM
They ought to mandate Pokemon in schools (Archived)
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Hydregionzek394/3 3:45AM
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Damn it, rain! (Archived)80s_Memory34/3 1:49AM
How would you PokeGen a Cresselia in BW2 and make it transferable? (Archived)pancakes77174/3 1:35AM