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Event Electabuzz and Magmar coming soon (Archived)
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Crums44134/2 3:02AM
Wow, I dont even like magmar. (Archived)Darkdemon891054/2 2:52AM
We NEED a Dragon/Steel Pokemon. (Sorry, Diagla, but your unfit for the job...) (Archived)
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legendxofxsky194/2 2:42AM
Critique this UU team? (Archived)joey1122324/2 2:24AM
What was your first non scripted/ event shiny? (Archived)
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Magikarpus464/2 12:46AM
Gardevoir set (Archived)kclaujames54/2 12:29AM
Does Evolution affect IVs/EVs/stats in a meaningful way? (Archived)
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majinbuu58264/2 12:22AM
Dive balls (Archived)sonicths1fan64/1 11:57PM
You're trapped. (Archived)
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porygon_z_129244/1 11:44PM
Think of a pokemon before entering ...... (Archived)
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neo1mark504/1 11:39PM
Question about playing same pokemon game on 2 different 3DSes? (Archived)CeruleanGamer54/1 11:36PM
Why does Delphox have to be so bad (Archived)xrayscope54/1 11:34PM
Roar and Whirlwind on setup sweepers (Archived)Teh_Maimed84/1 11:11PM
Mega mawile is too good. (Archived)LightningAce1174/1 10:58PM
What do you think of Wikstorm (Archived)
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fedartz134/1 10:53PM
NOT AN APRIL FOOL'S: I just won in regular OUs using only Metronome. (Archived)
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Muffinz0rz134/1 10:49PM
Which politoed ability would be more complimentary for my team? (Archived)safeguarde34/1 10:26PM
Comic book character nicknames (Archived)Teh_Maimed44/1 10:16PM
Watch as shofu masterfully destroys his opponent. (Archived)LightningAce1134/1 10:15PM
Hawlucha is my new Favorite Pokemon (Archived)Judgmenl74/1 10:04PM