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My mom laughs at me for playing Pokemon. (Archived)
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Starmence875/15 8:33PM
How did you like the Mystery Dungeon games? (Archived)xrayscope105/15 8:28PM
ITT: We pretend it's Gen 8 (Archived)
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BronyBeat385/15 8:21PM
CycloDS Evolution Or AceKard 2? (Archived)metroidfan98755/15 8:19PM
I'm looking for an Eelektross video... (Archived)CrimsonCerberus15/15 8:17PM
What do you think pokemon games will look like when we get old? (Archived)
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arvinkong123185/15 8:17PM
I'm laughing and annoyed right now (Archived)
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LightningAce11155/15 8:02PM
Synchronize or Trace on Ralts? (Archived)
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milotic44185/15 7:58PM
Help me with my genesect please (Archived)
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lazymaster02125/15 7:54PM
If we were to get a wolf Pokemon, what would you want its typing to be? (Poll)
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mrballerswaggin285/15 7:51PM
You know what my favorite part about the Masuda Method is? (Archived)Storrac75/15 7:46PM
Pokemon Future Timeline Prediction (Archived)schweedubz15/15 7:35PM
Dawn of the First Day. 72 Hours remain. (Archived)shinyzxerneas35/15 7:35PM
Can move reminder teach ice fang to Tyranitar? (Archived)ShinyToyPaladin65/15 7:34PM
was this a serious battle or a joke? ur opinion (Archived)Serpent989115/15 7:23PM
You are forced to have Volcarona and Cloyster on your team, what else do u pick? (Archived)
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deoxxys225/15 7:23PM
How to counter Sky Drop in VGC doubles? (Archived)wolf rider105/15 7:17PM
Why is SoulSilver considered superior to HeartGold? (Archived)schweedubz95/15 7:02PM
Remember Hyper Beam's reset mechanic/glitch? (Archived)
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xrayscope165/15 6:40PM
A story of sadness (Archived)ChimeranElite65/15 6:34PM