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You are driving home (Archived)
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Serebii from SPP144/15 6:47AM
Which type deserves a buff? (Archived)
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LightningAce11504/15 6:44AM
My god dianthas theme sucks (Archived)
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SilentCow960584/15 6:44AM
using trick-or-treat on yourself? (Archived)Cosmoesis34/15 6:38AM
Is this a PokeCheck glitch? Why doesn't this Dragonite pass? (Archived)
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DigiWillpower254/15 6:32AM
Why do people hate good Pokemon? (Archived)
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LightningAce11144/15 6:29AM
Have we got exact numbers for new shiny rates yet? (Archived)pokenoms24/15 6:24AM
just got my first shiny (Archived)
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thedarklordx3254/15 6:24AM
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Event Pokemon idea. (Archived)AngryPidgeon34/15 6:09AM
Shiny Geodude in a horde. Crap. (Archived)Froakiebloke94/15 6:01AM
battle maison mega kangaskhan (Archived)WorldTrader34/15 6:00AM
What did you name your character? (Archived)
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CharizardFang424/15 5:50AM
Just got a perfect shiny klefki.. in a heavy ball? (Archived)
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sephatu134/15 5:36AM
What if next gen's animation comes out like this? (Archived)Rayquaza_is_Z84/15 5:30AM
When are they gonna make a False Swipe for Ghosts (Archived)wolf rider64/15 4:47AM
How good is the Pokemon Hawlucha.... (Archived)Koro-Sensei84/15 4:41AM
First team I've built in a while, 5-0 with a forfeit/selfdestruct :D (Archived)Cemith14/15 4:24AM