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Is Deoxys D considered OP? (Archived)UltraKangaskhan63/7 9:35PM
anyway to counter Darkrai darkvoid? (Archived)
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Hunter_mk233/7 9:34PM
So with Pokebank I've been just going about and using the older legendaries, etc (Archived)Uratoh23/7 9:31PM
Shaymin??? (Archived)pkivysaur53/7 9:30PM
If the protagonist is apparently mute... (Archived)
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Blackcat0123143/7 9:28PM
Is there a legal type combo that resists/immune to nearly all of the following? (Archived)
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Kamato133/7 9:27PM
I Have Been Breeding For A Near-Perfect Drowzee (Archived)JohnHalo34373/7 9:25PM
Pokegen question! (Archived)xLinkrrmx43/7 9:25PM
pokemon showdown: holy helix (Archived)jdeo199733/7 9:20PM
Why is Porygon2 and Porgyon-Z banned from the anime again (Archived)
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Benify133/7 9:18PM
It's nice how Nintendo is being more public with Pokemon (Archived)SprintXtel33/7 9:13PM
Question about stats bonuses in battle: how much does 1 level increase? (Archived)GabrielCupim33/7 9:10PM
Mega Abomasnow... (Archived)Model_Omega93/7 9:07PM
Which of Game Freak's Genwunner bait was the most obvious? (Poll)
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lavia01133/7 9:01PM
Does anyone still collect the cards (Archived)Nardjr1623/7 9:00PM
Would you rather... (Archived)JohnRust733/7 9:00PM
What should I use for an in-game X team ? (Archived)jakenlucas83/7 8:58PM
ITT: Post ability + move combos you'd want to see happen that don't exist yet. (Archived)
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-Unowninator-803/7 8:47PM
YR: In gen 7, you get to pick from a pool of any existing starter (plus 3 new) (Archived)
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Muffinz0rz273/7 8:44PM
Which Gen introduced the best designed people? (Poll)Sebas2733/7 8:37PM