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YR: The legendary trio/version mascots for Gen VII is... (Archived)DarthNightmaric63/7 12:44PM
is ghost the best type this gen ? (Archived)neo1mark93/7 12:44PM
Instant good pokekarma/shiny theory confirmation(?) (Archived)CubeTheLwNoob83/7 12:21PM
Random Battle on Showdown really makes me appreciate other Pokemon. (Archived)
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MMhawk607123/7 12:13PM
Which Pokemon need Pre-6th gen tutor moves for competitive? (Archived)
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CM_Ponch193/7 12:10PM
help me build a double team, but it must have jolteon in it (Archived)chelth43/7 12:02PM
Alder vs Lysandre: Who has better hair (Poll)Doctor_Spanky33/7 11:43AM
I can't look at Zygarde's face without seeing... ...You know... (Archived)
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Celestial_Red423/7 11:34AM
Endure or Detect for Egg Move (Also some Help with Eevees Final EM. Suggestions? (Archived)The_Undest103/7 11:32AM
How do I get Scolipede to learn poison jab? (Archived)XNo_FearX43/7 11:24AM
Which generation had the most balanced metagame? (Poll)
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iKhan88243/7 10:59AM
Pokemon Really Exploits The OCD In People (Archived)
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JohnHalo343123/7 10:54AM
I'm done (Archived)Caolan_2k993/7 10:53AM
I just battled another person for the first time since D/P. (Archived)CookieMarvin63/7 10:51AM
They should start giving mons two abilities. (Archived)TheFAQKing103/7 10:51AM
what is the worst hacked mon you got through the bank (Archived)
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clayton1123173/7 10:51AM
Hottest new Pokemon in Gen 6 IYO? (Archived)
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Ulumina153/7 10:48AM
this girl kept using struggle so i gave her the hyper beam to finish her off (Archived)
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FightingBoar363/7 10:44AM
Wait. Wait. Wait. (Archived)
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deidara21113/7 10:41AM
I dont just understand, I do understand. Please understand. (Archived)sahilmohammad103/7 10:30AM