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Rate that gimmick: Sleepy Wallachu (Archived)DigiWillpower55/15 2:17PM
I'm bored. Name me the 1st 6 pokemon for me to use. (Archived)
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RJrockstar165/15 2:10PM
Ken Sugimori's artist's block, and how it affected Pokemon X and Y. (Archived)
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ukemandwnbu455/15 2:05PM
Abomasnow has seven weaknesses. (Archived)LRodC55/15 1:55PM
C/D: A Pokemon with high attack stats, high bulk, and low speed is terrible. (Archived)
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LRodC195/15 1:31PM
How on earth do people get 6IV legendaries? (Archived)
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Flahr155/15 1:28PM
Hyper Voice/Heal Bell Sylveon (Archived)Nero_Advocate35/15 1:13PM
What if Castform could change types in terrain moves as well? (Archived)legendrider55/15 1:07PM
What secondary effect should hail have to help ice types be better? (Archived)legendrider35/15 1:04PM
Good Future Sight users? (Archived)
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AFshinigami115/15 12:43PM
Ev'ing Shuckle (Poll)Animako75/15 12:33PM
Best/Worst Pokemon Dark Round tiebreaker (Poll)Ice_Dragon1475/15 12:28PM
Next game should have a Pokemon based on this caterpillar (Archived)yamas1175/15 12:21PM
Completing the Pokedex (Archived)AndresRafaelH25/15 12:17PM
Which one do you like more: Round 23 - Stunky or Castform? (Poll)
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Paulo123135/15 12:15PM
wait....did those two have part of their move pool mixed up? (Archived)paipr45/15 12:03PM
Would you like it if you could join the bad guys? (Archived)ReplayKillah3235/15 12:03PM
Finally Completed my first Dex since RBY. (Archived)
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mtbelley175/15 11:56AM
So how exactly would you improve Mega Alakazam? (Archived)
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LRodC115/15 11:45AM
4th move for scarfchomp? (Archived)Zeron RB55/15 11:45AM