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Why is Starmie purple? (Archived)
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hodelino135/12 7:14AM
Can a powersave user change the region of a pokemon? (Archived)Megatonez15/12 7:14AM
Everytime I have depressions I play Pokemon Amie (Archived)Starmence45/12 6:59AM
I've been away for 4 months. What have I missed? (Archived)
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toozolt185/12 6:25AM
New Item: Rename Capsule (Archived)
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Yumatsukumo255/12 6:13AM
Pokemon from the new gen are either realllly nice or reallly ugly (Archived)
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itrainpokemon415/12 6:02AM
My idea for one big Pokemon game. (Archived)El_Giganto95/12 4:47AM
LF a team theme for Battle Spot (Archived)SimonBlueBerry35/12 4:34AM
Which one do you like more: Round 15 - Espeon vs Umbreon? (Poll)
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Paulo123145/12 4:14AM
I have over 550+ in this game and I just realised... (Archived)hodelino75/12 3:58AM
RMT: Universal Rain (Archived)jEr3mY95/12 3:35AM
EV should be a option at start. (Archived)Hastewind65/12 3:27AM
Idea for an All Gen Game (Archived)RyanDaRaikou55/12 2:58AM
Question about pokebank and pokegen (Archived)Big_Isaac55/12 2:55AM
this guy killed my gardevoir then helped me bring him back to life (Archived)
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Dathedr-vodhr135/12 2:47AM
SHINY! Took a hell of work, but I got it! (Archived)
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Kapuxa195/12 2:47AM
NU Beta added to Pokemon Showdown (Archived)
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srzg255/12 2:29AM
Who IS your FAVORITE Pokemon? (Archived)
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Nintendo35000vr325/12 1:44AM
Why isn't there a hummingbird Pokemon? (Archived)
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SirPikachu185/12 1:41AM
#JiggsNation (Archived)LightningAce1135/12 1:36AM