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what pokemon can shuckle outrun after 3 shell smash? (Archived)
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vinhamon125/14 12:25PM
Tricking/knocking off mega stones? (Archived)joey1122325/14 12:15PM
I need a slow flying type (Archived)
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the_van_kid185/14 12:15PM
Final Spot Help (Archived)Winter_is_comin25/14 11:52AM
You make me want to commit suicune (Archived)fedartz95/14 11:35AM
OMG, I just hatched a shiny! A SHINY (Archived)
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SkylightNight145/14 11:27AM
Noobs next team? (Archived)NastyBlasty1725/14 11:17AM
Why doesn't Super Size Pumpkaboo look much larger than Large Pumpkaboo? (Archived)xrayscope35/14 11:15AM
Would it be wrong to use Kangaskhan for the inverse battles? (Archived)
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bT-p_q-Td165/14 11:01AM
Cool. I just hatched my first shiny. (Archived)PsychoWolfX105/14 10:58AM
This is literally the best solution for the IV breeding issue. (Prove me wrong.) (Archived)jovabrow75/14 10:32AM
Wi Fi Disconnection Question (Archived)chokingvictim8745/14 10:29AM
It's not really the use of legends in the Battle Spot that bothers me... (Archived)DragonDeoxys35/14 10:07AM
[OPINION THREAD] Most liked Kalos Pokemon (Archived)
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llstrifell405/14 10:07AM
You wanna f***ing know something? Actually f*** X/Y.. (Archived)
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Daemonscharm665/14 10:05AM
Competitive team advice? (Archived)Roxas_19715/14 10:02AM
Are there any Pokemon names that you never bothered to learn? (Archived)OhHeyltsYou75/14 10:01AM
Needed ideas for my pokemon team for competitive play (Archived)Roxas_19755/14 9:54AM
heracross help (Archived)
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scitch1125/14 9:48AM
Your reaction; in gen 7, you can buy IV increasing or decreasing items (Archived)Fwahm105/14 9:30AM