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How would I teach an Eevee/Leafeon wish? (Archived)
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Damien 5000175/14 11:07PM
What's your Favorite Electric, Fairy, and Ground type (Archived)
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Muffinz0rz515/14 11:06PM
Bisharp is fantastic. (Archived)LightningAce1135/14 10:55PM
That annoying feeling when (Archived)zelionx65/14 10:53PM
Which Pokemon would fit best in my team? (Archived)EricDent165/14 10:30PM
Which regions do you think had the best layout? (Archived)
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xrayscope125/14 10:30PM
If you had to set your ringtone to a Pokemon's cry, which would you choose? (Archived)
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FierceDeity1026465/14 10:17PM
Best Charizard Y counter? (Archived)Second_Hokage65/14 10:03PM
Does Zangoose taste like Rabbit? (Archived)
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fedartz205/14 10:01PM
The GTS is so stupid. (Archived)Homie_20285/14 10:01PM
I want that special event Vivillon. (Poll)
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R-A-V195/14 9:59PM
Gamefreak is officially running out of ideas if... (Archived)
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R-A-V265/14 9:54PM
What is the most desired Pokemon of all time? (Archived)
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Mr-Raspy175/14 9:50PM
what should the 4th move for slowking be (Archived)voidmiracle35/14 9:31PM
LF> Opinions on Tyranitar (Archived)Aegion35/14 9:22PM
Even though Zangoose is already OP.... (Archived)
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AnotherZangoose215/14 9:06PM
POLL: Which Pokemon has the best cry?! (Poll)XGamer54915/14 8:52PM
Side questions : For Shaymin, Meloetta, powersaves **Curiosity*** (Archived)CrippledFIRE45/14 8:48PM
Does Wil-O-Wisp cut the opponent's attack in half? (Archived)vinhamon85/14 8:44PM
Evolves max friendship Eevee at 11pm. (Archived)
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DuuuDe14135/14 8:33PM