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I would really like to see a Remake of Gen 3 (Archived)Brandon04248754/27 2:49PM
My girlfriend got the P17 Darkrai (Archived)
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Yumatsukumo134/27 2:45PM
I f***ing hate f***ing Shuckle (Archived)
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hodelino184/27 2:45PM
powersaves (Archived)pkivysaur84/27 2:43PM
move tutor/relearner - why can't i reteach egg moves? (Archived)-lork44/27 2:37PM
Which gen had teh hardest Battle Tower/Battle Frontier area? (Archived)King_of_Flan94/27 2:33PM
I wanna build a MLP Team! (Archived)
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Heisenburro154/27 2:33PM
fans of water and ghost types.....i have a treat for you... (Archived)
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paipr134/27 2:31PM
The most OP mega you can think of (Archived)
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warriorman222274/27 2:29PM
Azumarill: Brave (Trick Room) or Adamant? (Poll)
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Animako124/27 2:29PM
What do you think of these mega evolution of the Johto Starters? (Archived)
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GangstaLizard95114/27 2:28PM
What's the worst thing you've done in wondertrade? (Archived)
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choicespec444/27 2:26PM
Which Super Training Regimen you hate the most? (Archived)
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SoulRequiem2224/27 2:26PM
So im smashing rocks for fossils. (Archived)Brandon042487104/27 2:20PM
All the TPP plots? (Archived)lolsophia764/27 2:15PM
Rank the Normal/Flying Pokemon from best to worst (Archived)
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PokemonYoutube184/27 2:12PM
New ability idea: Wind Sail (Archived)
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Duncanwii134/27 2:01PM
YR: Sableye gets Trick-Or-Treat (Archived)Xynaxus6454/27 1:49PM
Today on Passerbys.... (Archived)DeathParade8714/27 1:47PM
Egg moves for machop Punches/Knock Off how? (Archived)Saxgu64/27 1:40PM