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I need a good Knock off user that can setup hazards too. (Archived)gamerman57105/11 4:48PM
How do I play online with the wireless turned off? (Archived)
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wwwgippal2245/11 4:41PM
YR: Pokemon now have 5 moveslots (Archived)Magikarpus105/11 4:39PM
Houndoom mega stone? (Archived)peggster245/11 4:36PM
What do you think of Miltank's design (Archived)
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charman5285/11 4:29PM
Are Fire, Water, Grass cores still effective? (Archived)celticpride625/11 4:19PM
How do we beat Kyogre if it's now water/ lightning? (Archived)
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ColdOne666575/11 4:09PM
Luxray. Ultra, Quick or Net Ball? (Archived)3i33le2335/11 4:07PM
It's Mother's Day. Play with your Kangaskhan in Pokemon-Amie. (Archived)the_cajun8875/11 4:00PM
What year do YOU think the Sinnoh remakes will come? (Archived)
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shadowenclave47465/11 3:47PM
i noticed this a while back but... (Archived)goyetche85/11 3:45PM
The Zangoose are black. (Archived)
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WT_Neptune145/11 3:44PM
Who here loves Zangoose? Who is hoping for MegaZangoose? (Archived)
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MegaZangoose405/11 3:41PM
I really need help! (Archived)
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gofghxg255/11 3:39PM
What would you choose to be the next new type? (Archived)
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Shaneikua115/11 3:37PM
Anyone here wish Sableye had a Mega Evolution? (Archived)bfidle25/11 3:22PM
Original Dragon Kyurem better show up, and the Omega Pokemon to Arceus. (Archived)Nowujalo55/11 3:20PM
What is the point of flatter? (Archived)Stover4685/11 3:14PM
Shinify question (Archived)Tyler_strazza105/11 3:12PM
For IV Calculators to work, you need to know the EVs right? (Archived)King_of_Flan25/11 2:56PM