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Okay, what EVs are Vanillite suppose to yield? (Archived)
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Mocha_Desire12115/14 4:37AM
what does playing soccer have anything to do with making pokemon stronger? (Archived)
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Tatakai-No-Kami305/14 4:00AM
How does Charizard X get hit by Ground moves? (Archived)
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supremeblaster305/14 3:37AM
Questions about the PWT in BW2 and wifi being disconnected (Archived)jEr3mY15/14 3:36AM
So bisharp, thundurus, keldeo, aegislash, garchomp and heatran (Archived)LightningAce1145/14 3:22AM
what was your 1st... (Archived)EPIC_FAIL99985/14 3:15AM
I hope in Gen 7, Gamefreak will introduce a Steel/Ice Type Pokemon. (Archived)
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d_side225/14 1:59AM
ok I have kind of a noob question about the mega stones. (Archived)Homie_20295/14 1:45AM
I have unrequited feelings for Skyla (Archived)
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ZappaMoonunit285/14 1:45AM
I really hate Hi Jump Kick (Archived)
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Model_Omega115/14 1:09AM
How hard is it to breed a 6 IV baby if I have two 6 IV Parents. (Archived)stardustehero105/14 12:59AM
Question about nintendo DS losing wireless internet... (Archived)Coryo6182775/14 12:57AM
Seals ... (Archived)Chenmaster225/14 12:37AM
Advice for a team that will help me get high on the ladder? (Archived)
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LightningAce11295/14 12:16AM
HP electric or grass on vaporeon? (Archived)Dante204985/14 12:11AM
Good or Bad? (Archived)black953265/14 12:05AM
Help me with my party? 3 sweep, 2 tank, 1 cleric? (Archived)Damien 500065/14 12:01AM
Friend Safari Question (Archived)CheaterJ45/13 11:58PM
Are you worried that evolutions are losing its ground to mega evolutions? (Poll)Chenmaster265/13 11:55PM
just caught a shiny slowpoke (Archived)OUC_Lunarian45/13 11:49PM