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Am I the only one who doesn't see the point of the remakes? (Archived)
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HHH is the game305/9 11:07AM
Everyone here is hyped about Mega Swampert/Sceptile (Archived)
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OfficerZangoose145/9 11:04AM
Slowbro-Surf or Scald (Archived)
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chokingvictim87175/9 11:02AM
Pokemon could use some HEAVY streamlining of its battle system. (Archived)TaticalWarrior75/9 10:55AM
EV Training question... (Archived)PrincessKitty45/9 10:52AM
And there will be money (Archived)Corlesslover3095/9 10:37AM
Curious about the gender distribution of Pokemon players, so... (Poll)
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SalsaSavant185/9 10:35AM
Much More Than Remakes & Why Their Titled Omega/Alpha (Archived)HeavyMetalLamb105/9 10:08AM
2 Regions in ORAS (Archived)
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HeavyMetalLamb135/9 10:05AM
Why can't they make a 100 accuracy rock move? (Archived)
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pcmike2255/9 10:05AM
Waterfall vs. Crabhammer (Poll)
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LRodC125/9 10:02AM
Powersaves: EXP modifier and Latiasite? (Archived)Animako45/9 10:01AM
Will there be another wifi event before ORAS? (Archived)Laihendi65/9 9:57AM
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Eevee ... (Archived)itachi0075/9 9:49AM
Breeding extrasensory (Archived)Voodoo_Voldo25/9 9:46AM
Which Pokemon has the nicest curves? (Archived)
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BluntGrunt605/9 9:44AM