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There aren't enough Pokegirl topics on the first page (Archived)p00platys35/10 9:50PM
Never played a Pokemon game before (Archived)
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Hoenn trio forms (Archived)
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Iandon of Oklahoma, I hope you find this. (Archived)
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braixen question (Archived)
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The Beginning. Chapter one (Poll)NeedProteanFroa55/10 8:54PM
Mindy of Snowpoint City, I hope you find this. (Archived)p00platys105/10 8:53PM
It's so weird that level one Pokemon didn't exist until gen 4 (Archived)srzg95/10 8:42PM
so why do some people think zygarde will have a new form and those thousands mov (Archived)SavageSunbobo85/10 8:42PM
Can new mega evolutions be introduced in Pokemon ORAS? (Archived)Chenmaster2105/10 8:35PM
Lead with Zard Y or Garchomp? (Archived)Zeron RB75/10 8:19PM
Ledian needs a buff (Archived)MickeyRocksa55/10 8:18PM
Is it important to play the older games first? (Archived)Deedubau75/10 8:18PM
I don't know what to do... (Archived)German_koffing55/10 8:14PM
Steven of Hawaii, I hope you find this (Archived)gsadr123105/10 8:01PM
Do people in japan know about youngster joey? (Archived)MagneticSpark105/10 7:55PM
How long before the "Gen 4 confirmed" begins? (Archived)
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Are you feeling real? (Archived)
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Powersavers, (who got theirs late) (Poll)
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FT: UT Timid 5IV (-Atk) Toxic Spikes Protean Froakies, LF: Inside (Archived)UnPhair055/10 7:44PM