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Does Aroma Veil stop Imprison from imprisoning moves? (Archived)
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TheGamerCalledS145/13 9:06PM
Where is leftovers? (Archived)
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Trackstarrunner185/13 9:04PM
ITT: Type combinations you're surprised aren't more common (Archived)
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Faust_8355/13 8:59PM
one thing i still wish they had put... (Archived)
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goyetche115/13 8:58PM
I regret putting my safari in the Find Your Safari thread on the trading boards. (Archived)
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Puglia77115/13 8:57PM
What if.... (Archived)3i33le2345/13 8:45PM
So wait, if the DS servers are shutting down.... (Archived)Mocha_Desire1285/13 8:42PM
Favorite Set to Use that you normally wouldnt share! :) (Archived)Serpent989115/13 8:34PM
They should either let the Fell Stinger max out Attack upon KO... (Archived)Biased_Gamer35/13 8:31PM
Good third teammate for Dragonite and Mega Mawile (Archived)celticpride645/13 8:30PM
How can i get into the clothing store in Lumiose City? (Archived)Charmander7545/13 8:28PM
Question about Pokemon players (Archived)
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mrballerswaggin385/13 8:14PM
I signed up for the online competition, but I don't have a good Kalos team (Archived)Turbo_TRex55/13 8:08PM
Idea of turning some Event/Mythical Pokemon into Fairy-types (Poll)Biased_Gamer55/13 8:06PM
Does it take a while to develop a good Comp team? (Archived)itrainpokemon95/13 8:02PM
Breaking News: Gym Leader Wattson recorded making offensive comments: (Archived)Pirate_Arrows105/13 8:01PM
Naive vs Hasty vs Timid for a Greninja? (Archived)Fwahm55/13 7:59PM
Egglocke (Archived)Darkice3125/13 7:57PM
Does Gen 3 Remakes means no third version of X/Y? (Archived)
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Rikan_G115/13 7:54PM
Mew desperately needs a mega (Archived)assassinCrash105/13 7:53PM