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mrballerswaggin113/24 8:28PM
....Is Wobbuffet still viable? If not, suggest me a good wall. (Archived)GatedSunOne63/24 8:27PM
Good battle Maison team? (Archived)
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myoldname123/24 8:26PM
is Intimidate Staraptor viable? (Archived)
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ChronoAce123/24 8:16PM
What will Final Gambit Accelgor one-shot? (Archived)HHDeception63/24 8:13PM
Conkledurr set? (Archived)Jkickit43/24 8:12PM
ok, seriously WT actual F?? (Archived)
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Tatakai-No-Kami193/24 8:08PM
I just lost to an in-game team lol (Archived)PrettyTonyTiger73/24 8:05PM
Is Aegislash without King's Shield an HORRIBLE idea? (Archived)
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playingrobot243/24 8:00PM
Ok someone just have me froakie with pokerus (Archived)mcquizx73/24 7:51PM
How are you supposed to use slurpuff? (Archived)Kadoatie73/24 7:49PM
name my togekiss!!! (Archived)
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smalls56893/24 7:42PM
Anyone else REALLY miss feeling thrilled for a Pokemon game anouncement? (Archived)
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Kapuxa183/24 6:44PM
Here's a good question about the Anime... (Archived)GangstaLizard9553/24 6:27PM
What tier are Landorus, Thundurus, and Tornadus currently in? (Archived)DoobieScooby63/24 6:18PM
A random Mexican Passerby asked me to trade...and had some interesting Mons. (Archived)
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GatedSunOne493/24 6:13PM