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watch this battle as i destroy an uber team (Archived)sahilmohammad63/7 4:29PM
Starting a new file on X. Pick my starter. (Poll)
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Atom72203/7 4:15PM
I feel bad for Haxorus (Archived)
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iKhan88133/7 4:14PM
Make up a new ability (Archived)
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Ratt1998703/7 4:13PM
RMT (Quad-weather) (Archived)Magikarpus103/7 4:06PM
The megas that smogon wont ban (Archived)
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drlolimaster223/7 3:56PM
Am I a bad person for using Mega Zard Y, Mega Luke, Rotom, and T-Flame? (Archived)
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andrewx72123/7 3:48PM
What all-foe attacking move does Tropius have? (Archived)navi85453/7 3:47PM
Smogon (Archived)
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kamahl25483/7 3:34PM
Thus Comes the End (Archived)DragonballZRB53/7 3:32PM
Is Mold Breaker OP? (Archived)
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kclaujames233/7 3:31PM
Who is a good partner for a Special Mega Lucario? (Archived)andrewx7273/7 3:26PM
How do you get more battle points from Pokemon bank? (Archived)AshAcrimonious13/7 3:17PM
So speaking of quad weather (Archived)kadabrium13/7 3:15PM
I swear to god that every time i see combusken (Archived)Hitoshura999913/7 3:13PM
Took SATs today... (Archived)
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poe376153/7 3:05PM
New move: Milk Slap (Archived)
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HHDeception113/7 2:56PM
Braixen sucks (Archived)
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iKhan88183/7 2:52PM
What is a better nature for Starmie: Mild/Modest/Rash or Timid/Hasty/Naive? (Archived)KlRBEH73/7 2:43PM
Worst fully evolved Pokemon that evolve from something. (Archived)wooldoor183/7 2:31PM