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Wait a minute. Was I the only one who caught it? (Archived)
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Fowhawk115/7 8:05PM
Wow im slow...i guess (Archived)
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Dante2049195/7 8:03PM
Aggron question (Archived)WondrousRumble65/7 8:02PM
Gen 3 move tutors? (Archived)SalsaSavant65/7 8:02PM
I seriously dont understand the hate for gen 1 (Archived)
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LightningAce111395/7 7:58PM
Best Nature u always pick in For MOST of ur pokemon and why? (Poll)Kayzer_x45/7 7:56PM
Patch DLC? (Archived)Kinneth12345/7 7:55PM
In celebration of the remake announcement let's sing together... (Archived)Satoshi_Da_Ze45/7 7:54PM
Hoopa is somehow tied to Mt. Pyre. (Archived)SpoonMan5432125/7 7:49PM
Just noticed that mostly all of the major antagonists (Archived)
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Sebas27115/7 7:47PM
Shiny hunting in Ruby (Archived)
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Mikubread215/7 7:46PM
Mega Trumpet confirmed (Archived)Genericgamer66725/7 7:46PM
We don't need more remakes after ORAS (Archived)
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Pokechamp7707125/7 7:43PM
the salty tears when you use the dennis team on showdown (Archived)I-Flygon-I75/7 7:41PM
YR: New Diancie forms for ORAS (Archived)Viridipalm_user75/7 7:36PM
Mega Charizard A and O confirmed! (Archived)wolf rider95/7 7:34PM
Hoenn confirmed: Part 2. It IS a remake (link inside) (Archived)Pram_the_Oracle35/7 7:34PM
Gen IV Remakes Confirmed! (Archived)Zaybix15/7 7:33PM
Did you started the pokemon series with ruby/sapphire? (Poll)
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Mynameispaul96515/7 7:31PM
ORAS Board is here (Archived)
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Justwanttolook195/7 7:31PM