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Anyone else not mind all the water? (Archived)
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spincyclematt195/7 12:29PM
Elemental Monkeys Appreciation Topic" (Archived)
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Brandon042487335/7 12:19PM
Are these new legendaries? (Archived)PlasmWraith35/7 12:18PM
Secret bases better return (Archived)SeamusOHassey35/7 12:17PM
With the introduction of the Gen 3 remakes... (Archived)Brandon04248735/7 12:15PM
So do kyogre and groudon have mega evolutions. (Archived)zombiabsol95/7 12:14PM
do you think that OR,AS are rebuffed remakes, sequels,or something completely (Poll)cosmicstarfish155/7 12:13PM
OR/AS + Pokken Fighters = ? (Archived)Blingya2515/7 12:10PM
It's Time For... (Archived)No1Scammer95/7 12:10PM
How excited were you when you found out about the remake? (Archived)
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NiinjaDylan245/7 12:10PM
Mega Sceptile, Swampert confirmed? (Archived)ssb_master15/7 12:08PM
So... Emerald remake too? (Archived)80s_Memory45/7 12:08PM
Thousand Waves & Arrows, Mega Lati stones speculation (Archived)AquaX10155/7 12:06PM
Hoenn horns. (Archived)jneal5715/7 12:05PM
Your favorite Pokemon cooks you a meal. It tastes horrible, what do you do? (Poll)
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DarkKirby2500235/7 12:04PM
Your reaction, new Hoenn games are created....... (Archived)paipr55/7 12:02PM
Remakes Confirmed!! (Archived)Kiniest55/7 12:02PM
What extra features do you want in this game? (Archived)jneal5765/7 12:01PM
Did anyone else notice the Omega and Alpha symbols on Groudon and Kyogre? (Archived)MariaAlteration65/7 11:59AM
How many water routes do you want in ORAS? (Poll)DeepsPraw55/7 11:58AM