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I have recently suffered the wrath of Swagger Klefki... (Archived)RajakaiTheBeast44/23 10:00AM
YR: Omanyte gets an alternate evo. (Archived)Magikarpus84/23 9:58AM
Will people ever stop bashing different gens? (Archived)
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LightningAce11214/23 9:55AM
Can Tyrantrum be taught different fang attacks? (Archived)
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DepreceV2144/23 9:51AM
need a 6th option for competitiom 3v3 team (Archived)Bigjig7764/23 9:35AM
A scrub dced on my throh with mega mom and gliscor (Archived)
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3DSRec124/23 9:29AM
WTF is up with the BL list? (Archived)
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Magikarpus314/23 9:15AM
Finally got to using Vivillon (Archived)
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Nathbuds123124/23 9:08AM
Would you let your Fennekin get close to Ash (Archived)
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NME_Enterprises184/23 9:05AM
Your Best Battle Maison Team? (Archived)
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Coffeechipmunk134/23 8:56AM
Unreleased HA (Archived)Shadow800874/23 8:50AM
Getting back into pokemon, where to start? (Archived)EvilSaiyan36034/23 8:28AM
What Pokemon deserve an evolution. (Archived)
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Unfez1000494/23 8:14AM
What new type(s) do you think should be added, if any? (Archived)
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xxSoullissxx354/23 8:04AM
All Gym Leaders and E4 should've had a signature Mega in their party. (Archived)
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LRodC194/23 7:31AM
Question about Dragonite (Archived)pokenoms54/23 7:30AM
How does one find their secret ID? (Archived)Hydrelgonzek104/23 7:10AM
Pokemon that could fill Sawsbuck's role in Battle Maison (Archived)MissCarriage64/23 7:10AM
Which is better on Cloyster? Ice Shard or Razor Shell. (Archived)
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sonic2307134/23 7:04AM
How many trophies of the Battle Maison you have? (Poll)
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Tatan_93284/23 7:02AM