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Where is the best place to raise your Pokemon to level 100? (Archived)DepreceV295/10 8:30AM
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If there was a pokemon slightly faster than Talonflame with a Priority Rock move (Archived)
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Judgmenl135/10 8:26AM
Pokemon Fans: Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire : W,W,W,W,W, A, I? (Archived)EsperStarr95/10 8:26AM
Define good AI one suggestion at a time (Archived)kclaujames55/10 8:25AM
friend code. (Archived)giant_joe6725/10 8:23AM
So you can't hack items right? Only the number of them you carry at the time? (Archived)King_of_Flan75/10 8:22AM
People you know in real life that are named after Pokemon? (Archived)
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itachi134355/10 8:22AM
You guys gotta try out this Yveltal set. Its trolltastic (Archived)FryDays500025/10 8:09AM
Hidden Power breeding (Archived)
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vinhamon115/10 7:53AM
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Did HG/SS or FR/LG have new egg moves? (Archived)srzg55/10 7:28AM
Which one do you like more: Round 12 - Altaria or Dragalge? (Poll)
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Paulo123175/10 7:26AM
Mention the Pokemon that you've trained and have been loving using them! (Archived)Zero9715/10 7:21AM
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Is there a chance the hoenn remake might flop? (Poll)
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R-A-V115/10 6:47AM
Trade Evolution (Archived)Juanito11935/10 6:32AM
Magnezone is banned from Smogon UnderUsed (Archived)ZeldaTPLink85/10 6:21AM