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Fire Punch or Thunder Punch? (Archived)
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Mew2501124/6 10:03PM
Is this Slowbro set any good? (Archived)LRodC84/6 10:00PM
Garchomp + Talonflame is just too storng of a combination (Battle Spot) (Archived)
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Judgmenl274/6 9:50PM
Imagine the unbalance (Archived)gsadr12324/6 9:32PM
It's so funny beating these kids with teams of legendaries with my in-game team! (Archived)GallantChaddymn24/6 9:30PM
Why so negative? (Archived)
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gsadr123144/6 9:30PM
should i keep this...? (Archived)
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longliveezio1174/6 9:22PM
Let's see out of all the non-sensible moves for certain Pokemon to have... (Archived)
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Corporal_Corpul314/6 9:15PM
Let's give Blaziken an abysmal HA. (Poll)
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davidledsma194/6 9:11PM
Is 3 missing points in Def the end of the world? (Archived)iamBGS84/6 9:05PM
Breeding poketransfer moves (Archived)sapphir34/6 9:04PM
Worthwhile Yveltal? (Archived)MiikkaKiprusoff54/6 8:58PM
Typical Breeding Question (Archived)
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ChosenSparrow06144/6 8:55PM
bullet punch on lucario (Archived)
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sonicths1fan244/6 8:46PM
help me!!! (Archived)actuatedkarma44/6 8:43PM
Mega Blaziken, Mega Lucario, or Mega Charizard X for battle spot? (Archived)UltraKangaskhan74/6 8:37PM
There should be another Mt. Battle. (Archived)Huff n puff 2064/6 8:31PM
Could you rank my 6 pokemon team? (Archived)Frison1114/6 8:14PM
I am raging. (Archived)
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MidnightAtVenus224/6 8:14PM
Hypothetical: Haxorus gets a +10 buff to his base speed. (Archived)
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xrayscope164/6 8:13PM