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U hav a rotom... Which form would u hav it be to help with ur life (Poll)
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PikaplaysPKMN174/25 6:38AM
Why does everyone love stealth rock so much? (Archived)
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OptOut1986124/25 6:20AM
Wonder guard darkrai (Archived)fredie1124/25 6:17AM
Your Reaction If --- (Archived)STBTakeAChance64/25 6:11AM
The pokemon pronunciation topic (Archived)
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LightningAce11314/25 6:10AM
There needs to be an option to lock the run command T.T (Archived)
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wolf rider144/25 6:01AM
Let's settle this. Who is the qtest? (Poll)
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Magikarpus154/25 5:50AM
Hypocrite (Archived)Corlesslover3034/25 5:34AM
Skrelp and Dragalge episode cancelled? (Archived)Nightstar199474/25 5:15AM
Ladies and Gentlemen, I present: No Guard Ninjask with Sheer Cold (Archived)
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OfficerZangoose154/25 5:08AM
If the classic Missingno were around what would it's data be? (Archived)SoulRequiem264/25 4:50AM
There has never been a dark/bug type (Archived)Poisonedsword34/25 4:44AM
I like Dragalge, but... (Archived)OfficerZangoose54/25 4:15AM
Bonsly is the most sly Pokemon of them all. (Archived)cocomunga34/25 4:14AM
I fought a phantom force darkrai yesterday, how is that possible? (Archived)mariopokefan17164/25 4:03AM
What's with the mail icon? (Archived)LarsenSan24/25 3:48AM
Rate my evil strategy (Archived)
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jEr3mY504/25 3:34AM
Help me evolve swirlix! (Archived)Meoloetta84/25 3:29AM
What would happen if I punched a furfrou (Archived)ShadowUmbreon4274/25 3:14AM
need last move for infernape! (Archived)
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actuatedkarma404/25 2:24AM