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So I saw this girl at a church retreat... (Archived)
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SilentCow960425/6 7:32PM
Spring trading (Archived)Corlesslover3035/6 7:31PM
ITT: List viable hard counters to TalonfLAME (Archived)
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OfficerZangoose625/6 7:10PM
So why was Gamefreak so stingy with making an offensive fairy... (Archived)
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FryDays5000225/6 7:09PM
Do you have a shiny? (Archived)
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gsadr123225/6 6:56PM
What's a risky/stupid strategy that paid off for you? (Archived)
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NastyBlasty17115/6 6:51PM
Autotomize Golem Item... (Archived)MoxieAdrenaline55/6 6:50PM
LF: Friend Safari with Piloswine (Archived)KitsuneFoxfire25/6 6:38PM
YR: Land's Wrath is buffed (Archived)
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Chemuraderie185/6 6:36PM
If you recieve the oval charm via powersaves (Archived)ShadowUmbreon4275/6 6:31PM
just won a shiny korean 6 iv weavile from a xanga page (Archived)TrueGodPokemon95/6 6:15PM
just won a shiny japanese 6 iv ditto from a facebook page (Archived)
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Markispsycho155/6 6:00PM
Pokegen & Trash Bytes (Archived)
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Animako115/6 5:57PM
What do the shape symbols mean on pokemon summary page? (Archived)staticxtreme575/6 5:55PM
Is Dragon Pulse really worth it on Mega Blastoise? (Archived)hodelino95/6 5:49PM
The Garbaje Topic (Archived)Mikey_Minccino55/6 5:48PM
YR: You are forced to follow Smogon's rules (Archived)IceYoshi95/6 5:35PM
Which Gym Leader is the most American? (Poll)
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jb08045405/6 5:24PM
Let's talk about Nidoqueen (Archived)hodelino95/6 5:22PM
Make a story with pokemon names. (Archived)lolsophia775/6 5:19PM