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How do i get Blazikenite? (Archived)
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Neko_Means_Cat163/6 10:11PM
Which is the most impressive move in the game? (Poll)
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Kadoatie123/6 10:04PM
Why is GRASS censored? (Archived)
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Animako233/6 10:03PM
Finally got shiny Ralts!!! (Archived)strawhatmonty9783/6 9:59PM
Eevee turning into a ghost type. (Archived)Chenmaster2103/6 9:50PM
C/D: If Fairy existed pre-Gen 4 (Archived)Meta28993/6 9:48PM
Post your unique ev spreads (Archived)Vayu_The_End73/6 9:47PM
Amphabulous build questions! (Archived)
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Blackcat0123143/6 9:45PM
Questions about the Mega Ring and post-game stones (Archived)themagicpainman23/6 9:43PM
Most forgettable ability (Archived)
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kadabrium423/6 9:42PM
pokemon x and y download problem (Archived)Mugen3973/6 9:39PM
Do You Like Feraligatr? (Poll)
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MozillaFennekin113/6 9:39PM
Lets come up with future Evil Team names (Archived)
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Byxis7583/6 9:26PM
Question regarding mega evolving (Archived)DW218963/6 9:24PM
List of 'gimick' items for old legendaries? (Archived)Uratoh33/6 9:12PM
Battle Maison Super Multi (Archived)MjnMixael13/6 9:06PM
Favorite pokemon game music (Archived)burningfire5293/6 8:50PM
What if every third game went the pikachu yellow version route? (Archived)paipr73/6 8:46PM
Scizor and Talonflame are bad pokemon. (Archived)
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jb08045503/6 8:44PM
Looking for suggestions on EV training stall harvest Trevenant. (Archived)Splinter_Within53/6 8:38PM