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Would this cloning method work? (Archived)
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darkzero297184/8 3:47AM
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So for Weakness Policy/Rock Polish TTar with fire blast, what EVs should I have? (Archived)Froakiebloke24/8 3:28AM
Looking for Charizardite X and Mewtwonite X - Willing 2 trade any pokemon 4 it! (Archived)legendaryleo24/8 3:24AM
What did you name your Aegislash? (Poll)
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80s_Memory1014/8 3:22AM
So I managed to get these 2 5IV Adamant Binacles here.... (Archived)FryDays500064/8 2:13AM
skill > lvl (Archived)
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fakefire124/8 1:55AM
Garchomp or dragonite? (Archived)vishalno144/8 1:50AM
How does one obtain more evolutionary stones? (Archived)Vesper23874/8 1:47AM
Why did Nintendo make it sound like they were ending Wi-Fi services when... (Archived)Hozu94/8 1:46AM
Sylveon won't register in Pokedex (Archived)PinuyashaRPG54/8 1:39AM
Did I do something wrong? (Archived)Xavuu84/8 1:23AM
Inner Focus Kangaskhan in a Dream Ball (Archived)
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bwebber17164/8 1:01AM
The Politics of Pokemon (Archived)Starbound201324/8 1:00AM
If pokemon were real, who would you choose? (Archived)
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clayton1123654/8 12:56AM
Corrupted Save File... (Archived)Rathalos32104/8 12:52AM
Not till this Gen did I understand Snorunt (Archived)Plant4224/8 12:34AM
exactly how valuable is pokerus? (Archived)Dathedr-vodhr104/7 11:54PM
Rate my Pinsir. (Archived)
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cloud_8f8f384/7 11:41PM