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So what team do you plan on using in OR/AS? (Archived)
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ridleyslayer23385/8 11:43AM
I'm going to get trolled hard guys. (Archived)Lord_Chivalry105/8 11:43AM
So with Pokebank (Archived)Sebas2745/8 11:40AM
so, with the new games around the corner....! (Archived)sky_boss_legend15/8 11:35AM
A board for ORAS has been made. (Archived)Darkdemon891055/8 11:30AM
Give me the cheapest/noobiest to play triple team ever (Archived)GabrielCupim105/8 11:27AM
Hoenn isn't confirmed (Archived)
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Jayroach2365/8 11:24AM
Why do people even use Wailord? (Archived)
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LRodC115/8 11:24AM
Mega Kangaskhan is broken (Archived)
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SkylaIsMyWife385/8 11:23AM
Add, Change, Remove what you'd like in the remakes (Archived)Onionium45/8 11:20AM
Contests (Archived)CynthiaKissesMa65/8 11:11AM
I know we are excited, but... (Archived)Darkdemon891065/8 11:10AM
"Fresh take on Ruby and Sapphire" = "We know lots of fans hate Gen 3" (Archived)
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Dark World Ruler305/8 11:08AM
Question on trick and choice items.. (Archived)joey1122335/8 11:02AM
Shiny Celebi (Archived)ThisAnvil85/8 11:01AM
Nintendo just confirmed.... (Archived)
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chokingvictim87375/8 10:57AM
Do you want roller skates to return in ORAS? (Archived)
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BornInLondon145/8 10:55AM
Biggest change to competitive pokemon in gen 6 (Poll)Xavuu75/8 10:51AM
Best moveset for an Adamant Speed Boost Blaziken+suggestions on a comp team?? (Archived)Rioken105/8 10:50AM
Some basic questions if someone could help. (Archived)LaLeLuLiLol55/8 10:43AM