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Pokenav (Archived)Dathedr-vodhr15/7 4:49PM
why do people say there is beastiality in pokemon? (Archived)
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milotic44585/7 4:48PM
I want the radio to return (Archived)Wetterdew15/7 4:47PM
Official Facebook Pokemon page: "It's Charizard Week" (Archived)
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Rad_Dudesman125/7 4:43PM
So is Mega Lati@s going to be an OR/AS thing? (Archived)kinode25/7 4:38PM
Lowest possible Speed IV in Trick Room HP Fighting? (Archived)bash678105/7 4:37PM
So, Remake of FireRed/LeafGreen Next? (Archived)
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Lionheart08205/7 4:34PM
...what? (Archived)Corporal_Corpul45/7 4:34PM
What to do you think of the 3rd gen remake titles? (Archived)
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HeavenTower115/7 4:30PM
Most broken Pokemon ever allowed in OU iyo? (Archived)
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assassinCrash155/7 4:29PM
Anyone think Wally might be the champion? (Archived)TherianReturns95/7 4:28PM
Hype machine deconstructed (Archived)
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Greener223224365/7 4:20PM
Style of OR/AS (Archived)Walkiethrougie65/7 4:17PM
i need help! (Archived)Earthybound35/7 4:14PM
Mega Rayquaza YEAH BOI (Archived)Benify15/7 4:14PM
So it turns out, there were big plans in Reggie's envelope. (Archived)TherianReturns15/7 4:12PM
Let's list similar Pokemon that are not in the same evolution line (Archived)
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SilphSpectre325/7 4:10PM
Pokemon Anime logic and Pokemon game logic (Archived)
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milotic44915/7 4:04PM
idea for a better Aggron ability (Archived)Three_Emperors55/7 4:04PM
Which one do you like more: Round 4 - Bulbasaur or Squirtle? (Poll)Paulo123105/7 4:03PM