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Some guy posted a video about ORAS Gameplay.. oh my goodness.. (Archived)
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The Pokemon is cycle is new region and then rehash (Archived)Human-Bean65/8/2014
3DS not recognising game cart (Archived)Darkflame41125/8/2014
Heads up! OR/AS have their own boards now. (Archived)Blackcat012325/8/2014
Stalking for News: Best OST Pieces? (Archived)DerekRoss35/8/2014
Mega Latias tank in the making... (Archived)
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i cant wait to pop a wheelie and bunny hop on my ACRO BIKE (Archived)Tatakai-No-Kami55/8/2014
Even though I think gen 3 is the worst gen I will still buy the remakes <3 (Archived)flkid25/8/2014
RNG at its finest today ... (Archived)Mr_Popel45/8/2014
Best/Worst Pokemon Fairy Round 1.1 (Poll)
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I want Game Freak to at least acknowledge Orre's existence (Archived)mexicannon95/8/2014
I somehow got to top 10 on a smogon ladder (Archived)
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Can you loop O-powers? (Archived)Unbound-King55/8/2014
Am I the only one wanting aesthetic changes? No? Just me? Okay (Archived)bonann15/8/2014
What if Scizor learnt fell stinger? (Archived)LightningAce1155/8/2014
Most pointless feature in Pokemon? (Archived)gsadr12385/8/2014
Has anybody else noticed this about OmegaRuby and AlphaSapphire? (Archived)
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Who else is excited for X and Y? (Archived)mrballerswaggin35/8/2014
Kalos is a pretty cool region and Pokemon X is a fun game (Archived)
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If Groudon and Kyogre get new types,added, what would they be? (Archived)mexicannon85/8/2014