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Those who use pokebank.. (Archived)
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Plasma EXE263/28 12:57PM
Nintendo's strategy with X/Y is damage control (Archived)ThatKipp73/28 12:51PM
Couple of random questions...? (Archived)RuddyKitty93/28 12:50PM
Xerneas IV spread question (Archived)
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teehee_201133/28 12:42PM
Have any of you guys seen this Verlisify Impression? Hilarious (Archived)andrewx7263/28 12:39PM
This is the best set of starters for a while (Archived)
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Wetterdew113/28 12:37PM
blaziken nature (Archived)
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Vizari123213/28 12:37PM
Why are people on this boards obsessed with LeWow? (Archived)
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Judgmenl493/28 12:34PM
YR: Reckless now increases the power of any move with a stat drop. (Archived)HHDeception63/28 12:16PM
How accurate is Pokemon Showdown's mechanic compared to the legit game? (Archived)Rarehunter73/28 12:16PM
Let's try to give Pidgeot a better HA. (Poll)
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davidledsma213/28 12:03PM
You are a young Trainer, between 10-13 years old. (Archived)
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ItsKaljinyuTime143/28 11:59AM
Mixed attackers that run hidden power? (Archived)FryDays500043/28 11:43AM
What is the best ability for excadrill? (Archived)
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WorldTrader173/28 11:33AM
How come Team Rocket never tried stealing the twerps Pokemon in their sleep or.. (Archived)
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tvmasterdoodles163/28 11:28AM
Most Well-Rounded Pokemon Game? (Poll)EdwardoMario1653/28 11:26AM
legendaries......... (Archived)
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1DarkLoneWolf2203/28 11:26AM
Spoiler about the ending question (Archived)WorldTrader13/28 11:17AM
Just give me your gut feelings here... (Archived)Greener22322453/28 11:15AM
BlogFAQs: Huh, what a nice surprise. Hatched a Shiny Qwilfish just now. (Archived)_KGC_73/28 11:10AM